Swale Ale Walk No 2

Teynham to Black Lion at Lynsted

Linear Walk

Walking Guide - One hour each way

This linear walk is on mainly flat ground with a few steps along the way. Although part of the walk is on pavements, you will, nevertheless, be able to appreciate the fruit orchards in the right season as you make your way to the pub.


Check train times before you travel as Teynham has a hourly service. Currently from Faversham at 52 minutes past the hour, Monday to Saturday, 34 minutes past on Sundays and from Sittingbourne at 29 minutes past the hour, Monday to Saturday, 41 minutes past on Sundays. Engineering works often affect times at weekends.

The Walk

You can either start the walk at Teynham station which is accessible once an hour from both Sittingbourne and Faversham, seven days a week (barring engineering works), or catch the 333 bus that travels along the A2 from both towns. This runs hourly Monday to Saturday. The 335 does this route two-hourly on Sundays and Bank Holidays. There are also the 244 and 245 buses from Sittingbourne which run to Teynham about hourly and to the Black Lion's front door five times a day (six on Saturday, none on Sunday), but to do that would be lazy.

If you start your walk at the station you can follow Station Road for about 10 minutes until you reach the A2. Alternatively, you can turn right as you exit the station and follow the houses until you reach fields. Turn left which will take you along the edge of a field and will bring you out a little further east along the A2.

From either route cross the A2 and turn right, following the pavement passing both The George and The Swan. The Swan Inn has now serves two different real ales and is now also serving a real cider from a local farm.  Continue until you reach a gap in the houses which is handily marked 'footpath'. Walk across the gravel onto a well-trodden path across the field, leaving the houses behind you. After a while you will reach a small patch of trees, walk up the steps and continue straight on across the next field.

At the end of this field continue straight on underneath the tree canopy (with the housing on your left), coming out into the open and continue walking with the trees on your right. You will then reach the first orchard, with pear trees, on your left.

After orchard you'll reach a concrete farm access road. Cross this and continue following the footpath between the high hedge (on your left) and the wire fence (on your right). Do not walk into the field as it is not possible to cross the fence later.

Hopefully when you get to the end of this path you will have reached a small country road. Follow the road left and walk for about two minutes to the junction. Continue straight on following the sign post to Doddington. After about two minutes you will reach The Black Lion for a well-deserved pint (or many) of Goacher's.

To return to Teynham reverse these instructions. You may also wish to visit the Dover Castle, a Shepherd Neame house that is situated close to the Station Road turning on the A2. The 333 bus stops close to this pub. We completed this walk on a Friday night leaving at sunset and returning by torch light.






The countryside is a living place and for this reason many of the paths, fences and natural features in this guide may be subject to change. All details are to my knowledge correct at publication and follow signposted public rights of way. I cannot of course be held responsible for any diversion orders, inaccuracies in the text or maps which may result from changes to the landscape or any damage which may be caused by walkers trespassing on private property.