Michaels report from the last branch Meeting 9th October

Members will be pleased to learn that Boutilliers are focusing a little more on cask ale just at the moment. They have out a 6.8% farmhouse green hop ale that is, unusually for them, only in cask (and keg) and was well received at the recent Green Hop Festival. They also have a mango pale ale coming out called Radical Edward which they say will have a strong cask presence (I don’t know the strength). They have a number of other beers coming out in bottle and in some cases draught. These include a strong (9%-ish) chocolate and cherry beer which they are brewing with the Nottingham-based Black Iris brewery, a Christmas chocolate orange barley wine at a lethal 11.1% called Ghost 19 (too many of them and you’d probably become ghost 20) and an only marginally weaker imperial stout (at 11%), called Sing Sing Death House, with chocolate, cherry and tonka beans which Wikipedia tells me are valued for their flavour but banned in the US! They are also doing another pilsner (Time’s Carcass) and an as yet unnamed ESB, which sounds like a cask candidate.